Sanford Stadium SkyClub


The SkyClub is a 6000 square foot heated and cooled premium space. Amenities in the SkyClub include covered exterior seating, interior lounge seating and dining tables, private restrooms, over 25 flat screen TVs, and a GRAND buffet including specialty desserts and Coke products. The SkyClub was renovated prior to the 2015 football season. 


Q: What if I want to go visit someone in the stadium?

A: You are welcome to visit friends or family in the stadium; however, they are not allowed to join you in the SkyClub unless they have a new, un-used SkyClub ticket. To exit the SkyClub, you may use the east end elevator and walk down the steps into the stadium concourse.

Q: How early may I get into the SkyClub on game day? How late after the game may I stay?

A: The SkyClub opens 1.5 hours prior to kickoff, and will close immediately following the game.

Q: Can I smoke in the SkyClub?

A: Sanford Stadium is a smoke-free facility.

Q: Are children allowed in the SkyClub?

A: Yes, children are a part of the Georgia family experience and are welcomed in the SkyClub. Please note that children must be supervised at all times.

Q: How long does the buffet stay open

A: The buffets will be available to you beginning at gate open through the 3rd Quarter.


  1. The SkyClub will be used only during UGA home football games and specified events approved by Georgia Athletic Hospitality.
  2. To avoid injury, please do not throw any objects from the stadium seating.
  3. Sanford Stadium is a smoke-free facility; therefore, smoking is prohibited in all areas.
  4. All SkyClub members and guests are requested to respect the rights of other SkyClub members and ensure that all activities conducted in the SkyClub area are done so in a thoughtful and courteous manner.
  5. The SkyClub may not be used for any unlawful purpose.
  6. The SkyClub many not be used for overnight accommodations.
  7. A Sanford Stadium SkyClub game ticket is required for all individuals, including children of any age.

The above Rules & Regulations are subject to alterations based on requirements and policies established by The University of Georgia, the SEC, and the NCAA.