Field Suites & Locker Room Lounge



The Field Suites & Locker Room Lounge is among the finest accommodations offered by intercollegiate programs nationwide. The Locker Room Lounge is over 1,200 square feet of heated and air-conditioned lounge area. Around the Locker Room Lounge are large-screen televisions, which includes a complimentary buffet & bar. Restrooms are located inside the Locker Room Lounge. 


  1. Club Use:  The Locker Room Lounge will be used only during UGA home football games and specified events approved by Georgia Athletic Hospitality.

  2. Throwing Objects:  To avoid injury, please do not throw any objects from the stadium seating.

  3. No Smoking:  Sanford Stadium is a smoke-free facility; therefore, smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas.

  4. Rights of Others:  All Field Suites ticket holders and guests are requested to respect the rights of other ticket holders and ensure that all activities conducted in the Field Suites & Locker Room Lounge area are done so in a thoughtful and courteous manner.

  5. Unlawful Purpose:  The Field Suites & Locker Room Lounge may not be used for any unlawful purpose.

  6. Overnight Accommodations:  The Field Suites & Locker Room Lounge may not be used for overnight accommodations.

  7. Access:  A Sanford Stadium Field Suites & Locker Room Lounge game ticket is required for all individuals, including children of any age.

  8. Monitoring Children:  Parents should supervise minors attending the Field Suites & Locker Room Lounge at all times.

The above Rules & Regulations are subject to alterations based on requirements and policies established by The University of Georgia, the SEC, and the NCAA.

Alcohol Policies

  • All alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the Locker Room Lounge.
  • Proof of the Pudding’s responsible alcohol service policy limits the amount of alcohol per transaction to two drinks per person/per identification.
  • All alcohol will be poured into cups at the point of service without exception, no bottles or cans are permitted to leave the Locker Room Lounge.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed within the external Field Suite seating.
  • Please be mindful of your personal alcohol consumption. The Georgia Bulldog Club, Georgia Athletic Hospitality and Proof of the Pudding reserve the right to limit or deny the alcohol of any Locker Room Lounge patron.
  • Alcohol service will conclude at the end of the third quarter for every game.
  • As it relates to alcohol consumption, the Georgia Bulldog Club and Georgia Athletic Hospitality reserve the right to eject any Field Suite & Locker Room Lounge patron exhibiting rude and/or inappropriate behavior including but not limited to:
    • Aggressive speech or actions toward any opposing player, game official, other patrons, staff or security.
    • Any physical altercation with another patron, staff or security.
    • Any level of intoxication that infringes on the Field Suite & Locker Room Lounge experience for the rest of the patrons.
  • For extreme instances of inappropriate behavior, the Georgia Bulldog Club and Georgia Athletic Hospitality reserve the right to contact the police.
  • The Georgia Bulldog Club reserves the right to revoke your Field Suite. Any inappropriate behavior may result in the loss of your Field Suite.