GAH FANGINEERs play a vital role in the success of football, basketball, gymnastics, and baseball hospitality programs at UGA. The most fundamental responsibility of the GAH FANGINEER is to represent the University of Georgia in a positive manner, regardless specific job duties. We are sure you have tons of questions about the program, and we hope to answer most of them with our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the GAH office.

What is Georgia Athletic Hospitality?

Georgia Athletic Hospitality is actually part of RevelXP, a sports production/event management company based in Atlanta, GA. We are contracted by the UGA Athletic Association to manage the premium seating and hospitality areas at UGA. Click here to learn more about RevelXP. 

Where are we located?

Our office is located in Stegeman Coliseum on the fourth floor, Office 418.

How does the process work?

You will need to submit an application, found below, along with a resume to [email protected]. We will then hold interviews for selected applicants. As football season ends, we will select our top FANGINEERs to work basketball, gymnastics, and baseball. You may also be contacted about the opportunity to work other GAH events.

When would I work?

GAH FANGINEERs are required to work majority of Georgia home football games. While there are opportunities for additional hours, FANGINEERs are only required to work on game day. In 2023, there are 7 home games this season, and you will be required to work at least 5 games (all staff are required to work the first and last games of the season. FANGINEERs will rank the other games based on preference, but are not guaranteed to be scheduled for top preferred games). Please review the Georgia Football schedule here. Failure to show up for one game may result in the termination of your position.

How many hours would I work on game day?

This varies from game to game, but you can generally plan to work 8 hours each game. FANGINEERs are required to arrive at the stadium no later than 3.5 hours before kickoff. Postgame duties will vary depending on your position.

Are there any physical requirements to be a FANGINEER?

Yes.  To be a FANGINEER, you must be able to meet the following physical requirements:

  • Ability to stand on your feet for a minimum of 8 hours straight outside of a 30 minute break
  • Ability to arrive at Sanford Stadium and leave on your own
  • Ability to navigate Sanford Stadium, walking in confined spaces amongst guests within multiple areas of the stadium
  • Ability to communicate with staff/guests, including general interpersonal communication as well as potential radio communication
  • Ability to perform "Light Work", lifting up to 20 pounds occasionally when manual labor is required for the job
  • Ability to work outside with some exposure to environmental conditions including various changes in temperature and general weather
  • Visual Acuity necessary to make general observations of guests and premium areas with specific regard to enforcing policies and realizing issues on game day

How much would I be paid?

The pay rate starts at $12.00 an hour.

Would I get to watch the game?

No. Please understand that this position is not an opportunity to watch the game. FANGINEER responsibilities require a high level of service and attentiveness. A dedicated and focused staff is essential to the success of the suite, club, and all premium areas. Furthermore, the guests notice and appreciate the hard work of the FANGINEERs and rewarding relationships can be built not just with peers, but also with the guests.

Would I get a break during the day?

Of course! Each FANGINEER gets a 30 minute break, which includes a boxed meal.

So, what are the positions and duties?

As with any team, there are several positions to be filled. While all the positions are critical to the smooth operation of the program, they all have different responsibilities. Please read these descriptions carefully.

1) FANGINEERs in the SkySuites: These FANGINEERs are responsible for attending to the suite holders and guests. Each FANGINEER in a SkySuite is assigned designated suites. FANGINEERs must complete a pre-game, in-game, and post-game checklist.

2) FANGINEERs at Gates, Lobbies, and Elevators: These FANGINEERs are the first faces that guests meet once they arrive on the club and suite levels. They are responsible for welcoming the guests while checking their tickets and verifying access. FANGINEERs are stationed at the entrances to the club and suite levels, readily available to direct guests and answer questions, and control who has access to the levels in order to protect the exclusivity. Once break rotations start, these FANGINEERs are responsible for covering various positions and filling in for FANGINEERs in many different areas while they are on their break.

3) Lead FANGINEERs at the Podium: One of these FANGINEERs is placed on each level. They are responsible for recording any issues that arise in their area, managing floor staff, and communicating with GAH staff members. Lead FANGINEERs are the first line of defense for any issues that come up on game day.

Do I get to pick what position I’d like to fill?

In order to place each person in a position that highlights his/her strengths, placement decisions are left up to GAH.

I’m interested! What do I do now?

Fill out the application below and include a copy of your resume. You may also email a copy of your resume to [email protected]. Please write: 2023 FANGINEER Application in the email subject line.